FKL ENGINEERING is an industrial engineering company founded in 1999 whose head office is in Sant’Ilario d’Enza; a lean company with a precise knowledge-based strategy which encourages its technicians to strive for excellence.

The company is equipped with the tools and skills necessary for mechatronic design which allow it to stand out in the market, as it is highly competent in the development of complete machine and plant projects for various industrial sectors.

FKL ENGINEERING possesses expertise and experience which enable it to design, develop and implement complete projects, thanks to its own technical staff, who are consistently committed to following its corporate values, and to the productive strength of a team of complementary companies.

Its commitment to quality, its ability to combine industrial innovation, competitive production costs and development times ensure that it is a reliable partner for market growth.

The company is backed by core values which enable it to enjoy long-term relationships with its customers, who belong to all the major market segments; these relationships are based on respect, trust, and the determination to create value.

  • Our moral Integrity in adhering to agreements.
  • Our high performance which strives to exceed expectations.
  • The enthusiasm and the passion we put into our teamwork on a daily basis.
  • Our unity of purpose within the variety of our skills and cultures.

Our technicians share these values which enhance our differences, within a compelling environment that focuses on professional excellence, where people’s safety is one of the priorities of our organisation.

We are confident in our skills, yet humble and quick to understand, knowing that one must always learn in order to strive for new goals.

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