Adhering to the principles of Lean thinking, we develop complete projects, by focusing on identifying benefits and eliminating waste, and by involving our partners as we strive for perfection.

As concerns the requirements for complete supply contracts, we have the know-how to offer these, the experience and the operational force to carry them through.

In a world now without borders, with margins constantly under pressure due to the fierce competition in every market, the challenges of plant production require responses capable of managing the production chain through skilful innovation, ranging from the mechatronic design to the practicalities of producing the components, up to their assembly and testing.

One single, reliable and expert point of contact that is capable of managing the development from the design stage onwards, reduces the common inefficiencies caused by having several sub-contractors, thereby freeing up resources which customers can use to focus on sales, thereby increasing their profits.

Sectors such as thin film laying, dosing engineering, packaging engineering and logistics, forensic technology and renewable energies, as well as many others, find answers that are concrete, reliable and carefully considered from FKL ENGINEERING.


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