For us, industrial innovation is the result of striving to set the bar higher for the performance and profitability of a product, plant or service.

In this introduction we state that our business practices strive to achieve total quality, which is evidenced by our commitment to continuous improvement, but this is clearly insufficient in itself; you also need to have the determination to visualise and produce things in a different way, taking the costs into account.

The results will therefore be held together by innovation, skills and testing which must be measurable and replicable on a long-term basis.

We often hear about Industrial Research and process or product innovation. One could say they are now fashionable, but often those talking about them have no experience of their true meaning.

The path towards innovation is of fundamental importance, but it is often not very easy to tread, even less so if you are looking for rapid results; it is not enough to know a little about software, or to follow one of the many organisational models which tend to normalise a process of this nature, or worse yet to implement that fateful copy and paste; it is necessary to have clear goals knowing that it is not possible to cut oneself off from the market context in which you intend to operate, as total competitiveness and wide-ranging skills are essential.

Increasingly intelligent machines or installations need to demonstrate operational stability, capable of meeting the investor’s goals. Along the path to innovation there are many who want to teach, but most of the time it is only those who have acquired the experience that know how to do things.

Innovation proposes continuous challenges such as being able to cost ideas, to finally rise to the fundamental challenge of the market, since, when all things are considered, what has been created must be made available for potential users both on time and profitably.

Our knowledge of processes and production systems, our collaboration with internationally renowned research institutes, our expert development strategy, allow us to plan in order to reach the final goal, because in FKL ENGINEERING we know that what matters is the result.

Our experience enables us to create a positive fusion of ideas which fosters innovative solutions which can make our customers more competitive in their markets.

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